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USA Tae Kwon Do


Gain confidence, discipline, and health with USA Tae Kwon Do’s master instructors.

Grand Master M’Hammed Bouabdellaoui

8th Dan

Portrait of Grand Master M'Hammed Bouabdellaoui

Grand Master M’Hammed Bouabdellaoui is the owner and founder of USA Tae Kwon Do. An ISSA-certified personal trainer and Michigan State University Hall of Fame Inductee, Grand Master M’Hammed served as Vice President of the Michigan Tae Kwon Do Association and Chairman of the Senior National Coaching Science Committee (2002-2004). In competition he achieved merit as a State of Michigan gold medalist 1991–1995.

Grand Master M’Hammed learned the art of taekwondo from his older brothers, who still teach in the family’s native Morocco. He specializes in teaching students of all ages and ability levels; children are particularly captivated by his engaging personality and his positive style. Students of all ages and ranks are encouraged to do their personal best.

Grand Master M’Hammed is a Kukkiwon-certified 2nd Class Master Instructor, 2nd Class Poom / Dan Examiner, 2nd Class Hanmadang Referee, USAT National Referee, and works as a taekwondo ambassador between his home here in the United States and Morocco.

Master Susan Shannon

5th Dan

Portrait of Master Susan Shannon

Master Susan Shannon started her journey in taekwondo in 2004. She has had the privilege to teach and to be continually learning at the same time during her time in taekwondo. Master Sue has seen many kids grow up at USA Tae Kwon Do and come back later to check in and let the school know how they are doing.

The discipline of taekwondo carries you throughout your life, giving you direction and the camaraderie of being a part of a group of like-minded people. Master Sue appreciates being part of an international sport that exposes everyone to many cultures, supporting our commonalities and our differences.

Master Luis Sanchez

4th Dan

Portrait of Master Luis Sanchez

Master Luis Sanchez started his taekwondo journey at the age of seven. He is now a 4th Dan and prioritizes teaching self defense and discipline to students. Luis is fluent in both English and Spanish, and may be able to help communicate with bilingual students. He graduated from high school in 2022 and continues to assist Grand Master M’Hammed Bouabdellaoui and the USA Tae Kwon Do family.